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Ass Assasin Tee (Vintage White)

to rip ass
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It was released on October 1, , Last edited on Mar 05

eew man somthing smells rank. did you just rip ass! "dude that was some major rip ass" "Oh man, I've had the worst gas all morning, I think I might rip ass.".
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Some call them ripoffs, and some call them homages. However, when it comes to the iconic original comic book superheroes, they often find several versions of themselves created over the years. Superman led to Captain Marvel, and then characters like Guardian and even Sentry. When it comes to Batman , things are even more difficult to look at when it comes to ripoffs or copycat characters. There are even others, like Nemesis, that is clearly a ripoff of the Dark Knight. Here is a look at the 10 most successful Batman ripoffs.

Pedro Bell, the visionary painter whose astonishing psychedelic art and liner notes appeared on numerous Funkadelic albums and shaped the P-Funk mythos, died on Tuesday at Free your mind, and your ass will follow. Clinton was especially fond of what Mr. Pedro Bell is an American artist and illustrator best known for his elaborate cover designs and other artwork for numerous Funkadelic and George Clinton solo albums.

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