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The Last of Us Sarah: Sticky Quickie by SelfDrillingSMS (Sound)

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Manscaping looks and feels great! - Captain Seve van Ass of the Dutch hockey players did not spare himself and his team on Thursday after the painful and unexpected defeat against Spain in the semifinals of the European Championship in Antwerp.

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Uttered during one of the last screenings on my last day at Cannes, his words also remind me, in a smaller sense, that another surreal, jam-packed year on the Croisette is drawing to a close. Am I melancholy? The programmers, in their infinite sadism, saved the worst and the longest for close to last.
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The Ass Blaster , as it was nicknamed by Jodi Chang , is the third and final stage in the Graboid life cycle. Ass Blasters, also referred to as " Flying Shriekers ", Blast-Offers or Butt Launchers , lay the eggs that later hatch and turn into Dirt Dragons , thus starting the cycle anew. Ass Blasters are the primary antagonists of Tremors 3: Back to Perfection , which is also their origin.

Ass Blaster

Ass is the fourth studio album by British rock band Badfinger , and their last album released on Apple Records. The opening track, " Apple of My Eye ", refers to the band leaving the label to begin its new contract with Warner Bros. The cover artwork, showing a donkey chasing a distant carrot, alludes to Badfinger's feelings that they had been misled by Apple. Although recordings for the album began as early as , shortly after the release of Straight Up , Ass wasn't released until 26 November in the US and 8 March in the UK. The album was originally delayed because of production quality, as the band attempted to produce the album themselves after producer Todd Rundgren departed the project with just two songs recorded.


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