Van damme ass

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Daughter Is So Hot…And Could Kick Your Ass!

van damme ass
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Cynthia Van Damme (Emmanuelles Magic)

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Jean-Claude Van Damme

Top definition. Jean Claude Van Damme unknown.

Relevant to modern times ZANI is a dynamic website and a flagship for creative movement and thinking wherever our readers live in the world. Jean-Claude Van Damme Written by David Weeks. Any history of martial arts movies and movie-stars inevitably centres upon the handful of motion pictures made by the legendary Bruce Lee and the impact these movies had upon successive generations of both fans and budding martial artists. The cult which has surrounded the 'Little Dragon' since his untimely death in sometimes obscures the work of others who have followed in his wake and helped to spread the influence of martial arts worldwide. Whilst it's true that no-one has ever managed to equal the success and sheer influence of the incredible talent that was Bruce Lee — [Jackie Chan, although a huge star in the Far East, only recently developed a reasonable fan base in the West; likewise with Jet Li] — one man came very close to replicating Lee's superstar status in the English-speaking world and this article examines the enigma that is Jean-Claude Van Damme. From Ballet to 'Bloodsport'.

Jean-Claude Van Damme is a Belgian martial artist and actor. Monica gets hot for Jean-Claude but is too shy to go up to it.

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  1. We made a supercut of all of the gloriously gratuitous shots of JCVD's butt as mentioned in the How Did This Get Made Bloodsport episode!.

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