Smell her ass

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smell her ass
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Giant Barbara Forcing Her Slave To Smell Farts & Lick Enormous Ass

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My advice: Let her sniff and lick ur ass anytime she asks. Tell her you do not want to smell her ass yet, so no more surprise ass whiffs. Indulge.
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Top definition. Ass cheese is a double-edge sword and uses its survival mechanisms to fend off removal: 1 It causes intense itching, however when you scratch that area, the ass cheese gets wedged underneath your fingernails, causing your hands to smell like a dirty asshole which eventually envelopes your whole body, making you a smell like a walking dingle-berry.

Hey Dan. My girlfriend listens to you and sorry I hadn't heard of you until her.

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Allen Wittman and Andrew Masters are two grown men who make a living selling bathroom humor. Wittman invented the spray in his teenage bedroom when he was in high school and tested it out by pouring four ounces into a heat radiator in a foyer bathroom near the gym, where a basketball game was ongoing in the dead of winter. By halftime, the doors to the school were open in an attempt to rid the room of the smell, despite the snowfall. Decades later, Wittman met Masters in the electrical department in a trucking company based in Illinois.

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  1. The smell of her butt is like a slap to the face! - Pop Culture - funny celebrity pictures

  2. Do Indians smell differently than people of other ethnicities? If so, why? Why does one's ass smell? How can I ask a girl to smell her feet?.

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