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bum bum fuck
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He was born in Bumfuck, Idaho. She's from Bumfuck. When I graduate I'll probably end up working in the Walmart in Bumfuck and marrying some cheerleader.
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1. Past tense of bum fuck. 2. The act of recieving sex up one's ass.
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Definition of Bum Fucked Egypt

It gotta get real stupid Cause this this that shit yeey You gotta get real stupid Cause this this that shit yeey I got my red bottoms on And my ponytail long Body like I'm built to for tayshon Riding in the black chevy ray bans on He pulled up near to me said "girl give me some" He said he wanna bend bend bend me like beckham Came to close My butt just said "fuck him" This is a stick up girl now go get him But pop pop be my next victim., Last edited on May 16

Top definition. The middle of nowhere. I live in Bumfuck , Washington. Saves you having to remember special spellings or pronunciations of places that people have never heard of anyway. She's from Bumfuck , Arkansas.

Last edited on Jun 07 Submitted by Rob H. What are we doing in Bum-Fucked Egypt? Submitted by Zackery G. Submitted by Ivan T. Vote how vulgar the word is not how mean it is.

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