Fuck android

What the Daily WTF?

fuck android
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FUCK Android, whoever invented this piece of shit should be really proud of themselves And yes, this rant comes from an iOS developer who's working on a .
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Android and a shit called MTP

Fuck Google, fuck Android and in particular fuck you PlayStore. What the fucking fuck. Wanted to dowload an App -> please free mb on the Phone. Did that.
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This data is used to present users with a personalized experience, or in other words, a filter bubble of search results and targeted advertising. Furthermore, it manipulates people into habitual use of their products. Just try to observe yourself when you are bored or depressed: Can you resist the compulsion to visit YouTube for that instant reward?

There are many, many huge fuckups in Android 4. About most of them I wrote in a separate article. But dropping the native-USB support in favor of some lame shit and extreme useless stupidity, called MTP Mobile Transport Protocol , seems to be so devastating fuckup, that it surely deserves for a separate article.

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