Showtime gigolos real

Showtime’s Gigolos: women were paid to be on the weak show with an intriguing premise

showtime gigolos real

Gigolos - Big Blond Gal

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Gigolos, the Showtime reality show that purports to document the real lives of men in Las Vegas who sexually service women for cash.
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Gross? Maybe. But It Got Me on TV, Right?

May 13th, , pm. The reality show Gigolos, which chronicles the sexual exploits of male prostitutes with a women-only client base, is so fake it raises the question of whether the profession exists.

No Guts, No Glory (Gigolos Season 6 Spot)

A cast member and producer of Showtime's Gigolos talk about its You're trying to show real human intimate moments, and you're trying to.
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Who in the world are these seemingly ordinary people — nurses, teachers and I., Showtime is now airing Gigolos , a series about straight male escorts in Las Vegas.

Who's paying for the sex in Showtime's "Gigolos"?

Despite the hype, the new reality TV show "Gigolos," premiering tonight on Showtime, apparently does not show women paying to have sex with men. That would mean "Gigolos'" stars were paid for their performances -- which included having sex with one another -- for entertainment. And that, of course, sounds a lot like porn. As a creative consultant, James was charged with recruiting women for the show and they were compensated in return.

Gigolos is an American reality television series about the lives of five male escorts in Las Vegas.

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