Loverboy kyra sedgwick

Loverboy (film)

loverboy kyra sedgwick
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Kyra Sedgwick - Loverboy

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kyra sedgwick loverboy

Loverboy is a American drama film directed by Kevin Bacon and the cast includes his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, as well as both of their children, Travis and.
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The movie, the shaky second feature directed by Kevin Bacon, is an artistic valentine to his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, who stars as Emily Stoll, a single mother whose possessive instinct runs amok. This small, earnest film might be taken as a companion piece to "The Woodsman," the movie directed by Nicole Kassell in which Ms. Sedgwick's character, Vicki, was another headstrong woman who takes a huge risk by entering into a relationship with a convicted pedophile Mr. If Ms. Sedgwick's performance in "Loverboy" is even sharper, the movie, whose tone wobbles between lyricism and farce, is much less sure-footed. Hannah Shakespeare's screenplay, adapted from a novel by Victoria Redel, frantically bounces between the present and the early 's, when Emily was the glum, spoiled daughter of lovebirds so wrapped up in each other that she felt like a lonely bystander. Tomei and Mr.

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