How to get a woman to squirt

Can women teach themselves to ejaculate?

how to get a woman to squirt
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How To Make Any Woman Squirt (Yes, We're Confident!)

How To Make Yourself Squirt During Sex

Ahh squirting. Isn't it just one of those wacky old myths like centaurs or unicorns? Well, no, actually.
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Where does it comes from? Is it pee? And how might I make it happen for me?

Every question you ever had about female ejaculation, answered

Why is female squirting so hot anyway? Most guys wouldn't want a woman peeing on them, but yet many search for the secret of how to make a woman squirt. While she may feel embarrassed that she's this excited, a major ego boost for you! She often screams when she orgasms, which is like music to a guy's ears. That's why we've put together a beginner's guide on how to make a woman squirt. First of all, don't subject your woman to any hard pressure to squirt.

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